Tricks and Tips for Better Selling Through Bank Tellers

Selling is a tough job in any industry, but bank tellers have an even more challenging experience than most. A teller is often required to find opportunities, cross-sell both services and products, and do all of that while avoiding a long line at their station. It’s a difficult proposition, and it’s made even harder when most people want to simply get in and out of the bank in a hurry.

You may wonder if there are ways to make the whole thing a little bit easier, and lucky for you, the answer is yes.

Strategies for More Effective Selling

One thing that needs to be considered when selling as a bank teller is that the first impression matters. People are much more likely to consider a product or service if it is suggested by someone who they respect, trust, and like. The truth is that the typical teller doesn’t have a whole lot of time to impress customers, so making that first impression a good one is extremely important.

As such, you really want to focus on some fundamentals each time a customer steps up to your window. Here are some ways to do so:

  • Make sure you greet every customer promptly.
  • Make eye contact and keep it until they have approached you.
  • Smile at them. Not a forced smile, but a genuine smile of friendliness.
  • Keep your tone pleasant and upbeat.
  • Stand up straight and project confidence and professionalism.
  • Dress for the job and exude confidence.

This may not sound like important stuff, but it really is. People are more likely to take you seriously if you appear to be put together, friendly, and open to conversation. Think about the people who sell things to you in other situations and consider what appeals.

In addition, make sure you think about the fact that people want solutions to their problems. Ask questions of them to find out what they need. You may have the perfect service or product just waiting for them if you can dig down and determine what needs the person has. Don’t pressure or use sales-oriented speak, just talk to them. Once they’ve provided information, it’s easier to get the sale.

That said, it’s a bad idea to pitch something without knowing the customer can use it. It may work on occasion, but isn’t the best strategy. Instead, it seems as if you are just trying to make money, not improve their life. People may find it frustrating being sold services they neither want nor need, which can tarnish the reputation of you or your business.

Instead, ask questions, suggest a way you can help, and go from there. You might set up a time to talk about the problem further or ask more questions and then propose the solution as something your bank offers.

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