Don't Take Our Word For It

Referral Growth: 120%

Before FinancialRefer, we were sending referrals through email without tracking them. Since implementing FinancialRefer are referrals have increased 120% and sales have grown. Implementation took less than a week and after one virtual training session, all staff was able to use the system efficiently.

Referral Growth: 120% Steve Peoter CEO | Oregon Community Bank
Referral Growth: 65%

Financial Refer is simple, easy and has shown results in communication and accountability of staff!

Referral Growth: 65% Dennis Vogel CEO | Citizens State Bank
Referral Growth 145%

We had no referral program and were sending some referrals through email between departments. We implemented FinancialRefer and are now doing referral contests and our staff actually enjoy sending referrals. We do not push sales on our customers, we help them every product we can.

Referral Growth 145% Kelly White Director of Marketing | Bank of Mauston
Cindy Doran

FinancialRefer has taken the manual process out of our referral tracking saving research hours and money. They worked with us and our individual products requests to match what we needed for our end result. This process is so simple that all new employees can review and easily use our Financial Refer System without in person training.

Cindy Doran AVP, Retail Support & Training Manager