Stop your customer referral opportunities from falling through the cracks

It's time to stop using spreadsheets to track customer referrals between departments.  FinancialRefer is a simple to implement and use software system that allows staff to send, receive and track referrals.  Your entire referral program success can be reported with a click of the mouse.

Referral Tracking

The FinancialRefer system makes it easy to send and receive referrals between staff and departments in the financial institution.

Reports & Insights

We make it easy for managers to stay on top of referrals being sent within their branch. Managers will receive a weekly referral report email and also have access 24/7 to run reports.

Weekly Staff Emails

Staff will receive weekly emails with their number of referral sent and received. Create "top referrer" emails to create a fun and competitive referral program within your financial institution.

Email Notifications

Staff members receive an email notification when they receive a referral that includes the customers name, contact info and who the referal is from.

Customize System

We can customized the FinancialRefer system to fit your bank or credit unions needs. Everything from the referral form to the reporting can be customized.

Secure Referral Data

Even though staff members are not sending account information, we still secure all data as if they are. Our servers are SAS Type II audited and we encrypt all data.

Opportunity Tips

Keep staff up to speed on what opportunities to look for with tips and weekly opportunity tips. You can send weekly tips to staff as well as updating an area on your referral form.

Easily Reward Staff

Easily create staff referral reward programs that automatically send e-gift cards to referring staff members.