SPOT Opportunities

REFER to a Specialist

COLLABORATE on customer needs

CLOSE deal & deepen relationship

Sample Referrals

Teller spots mortgage opportunity

Teller notices a customer has no mortgage with the bank.  The teller asks politely "Do you own a home"? The customer responds "I sure do".  The Teller than lets the customer know that your bank rates are very competitive and they should talk to a mortgage officer.

Teller sends referral to a Mortgage Specialist.



Auto loan leads to deposit referral

While a Loan Officer is setting up an auto loan for a customer, they discuss automated payments from the customers deposit account.  The Loan Officer, than asks the customer where their various accounts are and which one they would like to use.  In doing so, the LO noticed the customer has accounts at other financials.

LO sends referral to Account Specialist

Mortgage leads to commercial referral

A Mortgage Specialist is going through a customer's employment, assets and liabilities to qualify for a mortgage.  In doing so, they notice the person is self employed and has a business loan with another financial.  Mortgage Officer lets customer know we could probably help them do better on their business loan.

Mortgage Specialist sends referral to Commercial Officer.


New deposit leads to investment referral

While setting up a checking account for a new customer, the Financial Representatives asks the customer if they have assets elsewhere they would like to deposit.  The customer says they have a large money market at another financial.  The Financial Representative tells the customer we like to help customers with all their needs, let me refer you someone that may be able to help you earn more money.

Financial Representative sends referral to Investment Advisor